Frequently Asked Questions
What is ‘A’ Season?

‘A’ season is the common name for the first Pollock harvesting season of the year. ‘A’ Season typically lasts from about January 20 to mid-April.

How do I get a job on a crab boat?

UniSea does not recruit or hire for the vessels that supply product to us. Information about jobs aboard fishing vessels can be found by using a search engine or contacting the fishing vessel companies directly.

Why can’t I apply for a processor job online?

Processor jobs at UniSea are seasonal and are hired in volume. This requires face-to-face interviews prior to peak season employment. The application and interview process includes providing specific and detailed information to interested individuals about life in Dutch Harbor and the type of work that is conducted. An online process would not effectively facilitate the provision of critical information.

Where can I find the UniSea recruiting schedule?

The recruiting schedule is posted on our website under the ‘Employment’ tab.

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